• Creating/Managing profiles for your eero

    How do I create and manage users in Profiles? Creating profiles To get started, you’ll first need to create profiles for the members of your household: Open the eero app and tap the Blue Plus in the upper right corner Tap Add a Profile and enter the name of the profile you would like to create then tap Next…

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  • Amazon Alexa with your eero WiFi system

    How do I use Amazon Alexa with my eero WiFi system? Control your WiFi network with the power of your voice using Amazon Alexa and the eero skillset. After installing an Alexa product (Echo, Dot, or Tap) on your eero network, you can ask Alexa to perform various tasks without needing to open the eero…

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  • How to manage the eero LED light

    If you’d like to turn off the LED light on your eero, you can do so either through the eero application or through the Amazon Alexa skillset. Open the eero App Tap on the Home tab Tap on the Online bubble at the top to reveal the active eeros on the network. (Note that if…

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  • Setting up your Eero Router

    How do I set up my eero device?   One of the biggest frustrations with a traditional router has to be the confusing and complex setup process, so at eero we’ve taken a different approach: make the entire setup experience as quick and easy as possible. So, whether you’re an old hand at networking or…

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  • Understanding Internet Speeds

    Understand internet speeds Many factors affect the internet service you purchased from Premier Fiber. Learn how these factors affect your internet speed. DETAILED INFO Internet service levels and speeds Your service capability speed (internet speed) is the rate we deliver internet traffic to and from your location. Many factors affect the internet service purchased from…

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  • What is Fiber Internet?

    What is fiber optic? Fiber optic is a type of technology that transmits data by sending light along thin glass fibers. Fiber broadband (sometimes called fiber internet) is an internet service that is powered by fiber optic cables. This is different from traditional cable internet, which transmits information by sending electricity over copper wires.  …

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